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At, we’ve shifted the focus of the roofing and solar industry from income to impact. Our mission begins with developing legacy-focused leaders across the industry.

Have you ever questioned why you work so hard, and feel like it’s never enough? If so, we ask that you take just a few minutes to watch this video.

You’ll see how others in the industry are finding true fulfillment and improving their quality of life with this massive shift in mindset and focus.



Whether you are an experienced roofing business owner or just starting your roofing company, the 8 Figure Blueprint was created for YOU!

The 8 Figure Blueprint will empower you and your team with all of the proven systems, next level strategies, and step-by-step training that have taken hundreds of contractors from 7 figure to 8 figure businesses all across the country

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Rise Above as a human.

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Orlando, FL is a personal and professional development company that provides coaching and events for roofing and solar professionals of high-integrity to learn from top industry leaders, network with other like-minded individuals, and connect contractors with the best resources necessary to succeed. Our purpose is to help these professionals increase revenue, grow their businesses, and develop as leaders and individuals.

With over 23,000 members in our roofing & solar community group on Facebook, we are on our way to rocking the industry with high-integrity leaders focused on leaving a lasting legacy.

Join the roofing and solar community to shift your mindset, improve your business, and change your life.

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Whether you are an experienced roofing business owner or just starting your roofing company, the 8 Figure Blueprint was created for YOU!


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