8 Figure Blueprint

Whether you are an experienced roofing business owner or just starting your roofing company, the 8 Figure Blueprint was created for YOU!






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Course Description

The 8 Figure Blueprint will empower you and your team with all of the proven systems, next level strategies, and step-by-step training that have taken hundreds of contractors from 7 figure to 8 figure businesses all across the country

With the right set of tools, you can have the business you’ve always dreamed of!

Create the business that provides you the lifestyle you’ve always wanted, while achieving the impact you are capable of by taking the action!

This course has been a curation of educational material exceeding $100k+ in exclusive training, top-tier industry knowledge, and unique business strategies.

We promise if you go ALL IN, the information in the 8 Figure Blueprint has the opportunity to change your business & life in 90 days or less!

The course includes:
✓ A Proven Business Framework
✓ Leadership & Team Development
✓ Financial Clarity
✓ Recruiting Template
✓ Sales Process
✓ Marketing Strategies
✓ Operations & Management Functions
✓ Exit Preparation & Positioning
…. And more!!!!!!!

We guarantee if you use this Top Notch training you will grow your business and achieve the clarity you’ve been looking for!
BUT, it’s up to you to take action! This decision has the potential of changing your life forever and securing a legacy that you can be proud of!

We want you to win because if you win, we win.

Don’t wait, the future of your business starts NOW!

8 Figure Blueprint


Course Curriculum

Course Introduction
Welcome To The 8 Figure Blueprint! 1:33 Min
Navigation & Walkthrough 3:47 Min
Expectations & Success 2:17 Min
Support & Accountability 0:56 Min
The Foundation Business Principles
What Do You Stand For? 7:27 Min
Empowering Your Team 6:12 Min
Common Mission 3:24 Min
Importance of Culture 3:06 Min
Master Financials Template: Know Your Numbers 15:43 Min
The 5 Concepts 41:23 Min
The Absolute Business Framework
Introduction 8:49 Min
Check In 3:04 Min
Elite Business Traits 6:04 Min
Remove Your Ceiling 5:39 Min
Accountability Chart 26:41 Min
Rocks 23:07 Min
Scorecard 10:23 Min
Meeting Pulse 60:32 Min
Wrap Up & Quick Tips 8:29 Min
The Guaranteed Business Vision
Introduction 10:18 Min
Check In 1:08 Min
First Review: The ‘Absolute’ Business Framework 68:46 Min
Core Values 24:38 Min
Core Focus 13:01 Min
10 Year Target – The Long Term Vision 4:53 Min
Next Steps 1:44 Min
Second Review: The ‘Absolute’ Business Framework 29:28 Min
3 Year Picture – The Predictable Future 15:43 Min
1 Year Plan – The Right Now 5:30 Min
Commit to New Rocks 10:36 Min
Issues List – Measurement of True Progress 6:20 Min
Wrap Up & Quick Tips 4:03 Min
Intro to Market Strategy
Agenda 3:14 Min
3 Uniques 3:00 Min
Target Market/“The List” – Define the Profile 3:45 Min
A Proven Process 4:17 Min
The Guarantee – Pledge, Promise, or Commitment 2:16 Min
Wrap Up & Quick Tips 2:24 Min
Introduction 0:44 Min
My 90 and Initial Setup Walkthrough 6:57 Min
Data Scorecard Min 10:38 Min
Rocks 4:59 Min
To-Dos 1:41 Min
Issues 1:42 Min
Meetings 7:36 Min
Vision & Traction Organizer 2:57 Min
Accountability Chart 1:57 Min
Feedback 1:43 Min
Process 1:21 Min
Directory 1:43 Min
Quarterly Meeting
Introduction 7:37 Min
Check In 1:24 Min
Review Prior Quarter 2:07 Min
‘Guaranteed’ Business Vision Review 2:41 Min
‘Absolute’ Business Framework Review 4:22 Min
New Rocks 6:22 Min
Identify, Discuss, and Solve Issues 2:45 Min
Conclude 3:35 Min
Recruiting Funnel Overview 28:23 Min
Copy & Videos – Ideas to Attract Top Talent
Utilize Networks 3:07 Min
Personality Assessments 10:27 Min
ZipRecruiter 10:10 Min
Try to Disqualify 1:39 Min
Employee Onboarding Process
Onboarding Documentation 7:55 Min
Leveraging Their Network 3:55 Min
Pair With A Leader 2:10 Min
6 Figure Blueprint – Create Your Own
Team Lead Structure 2:10 Min
Trifecta of Lead Gen 8:50 Min
Build the 100K List 4:58 Min
Wall CRM 3:52 Min
Sales Rep Programs 6:09 Min
Competitive Compensation Structure 1:55 Min
Truck Program
Offer Financing 12:19 Min
Facebook Ads 101 54:11 Min
Geo-Targeting Your Facebook Ads 68:05 Min
Facebook Group Acquisitions & Tips 5:15 Min
Canva – Graphic Design Tool 8:46 Min
Videography 62:53 Min
Community Relations 4:13 Min
Miscellaneous Marketing & Sales Material
Operations & Management
G Suite Google Workspace Min – Setup Process 14:45 Min
Importance of CRM 3:34 Min
Production Staff 4:21 Min
Quality Control 6:13 Min
Ensure <90 Day A/R 3:47 Min
Rebates 1:44 Min
Annual Company Awards 1:56 Min
Annual Meeting - NEW CONTENT!!!!
Day 1 – Introduction & Check In 15:53 Min
Day 1 – Review Prior Year 5:17 Min
Day 1 – Review Prior Quarter 2:17 Min
Day 1 – Team Health 5:09 Min
Day 1 – Organizational Check Up 2:33 Min
Day 1 – Review Guaranteed Business Vision 3:04 Min
Day 1 – Update the 3 Year Picture 3:55 Min
Day 1 – Conclude 2:50 Min
Day 2 – Introduction & Check In 2:22 Min
Day 2 – Review Issues & 3 Year Picture 2:34 Min
Day 2 – 1 Year Plan 3:56 Min
Day 2 – New Rocks 2:29 Min
Day 2 – Tackling Key Issues 2:45 Min
Day 2 – Full Recap & Conclude Annual Meeting 4:11 Min
What’s Next? 1:18 Min
The Toolbox 2:01 Min
Exit - What's Your Legacy?
REV Model 7:49 Min
Introduction and The ExitDNA Mindset 47:15 Min
Building Exit Value 62:11 Min
Optimizing for Outcomes Building Your Story Min 33:01 Min
Evaluating IF and WHEN You Sell/Exit 41:59 Min
M&A Process Overview 65:56 Min
Preparing For Success – Coming End of January ’22
Proactively Mitigating Risk – Coming End of February ’22
Maximizing Outcomes – Coming End of March ’22
Bonus Content
Mind, Body, Legacy 3:25 Min
Fearless 44 1:53 Min
Mindset 6:07 Min

Course Review

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