The “Be Real” Sales System was built from REAL boots-on-the-ground experience knocking thousands of doors and selling hundreds of roofs. I’m not some sales psychology guru. I’m a REAL roofing salesman just like you, who in my late 40’s developed a sales system that would revolutionize the way people sold roofs forever.



Be Real Sales System


Integrity • Leadership • Legacy

Product Description

Most other roofing sales trainings are built off of concepts that have not been proven ON THE DOORS.

‘BE REAL’ was BUILT on the doors, in the field, with bloody knuckles and LOTS of failure before I achieved repeatable success. It took me hundreds and thousands of doors before I perfected my system.

Now I’m going to give you and your sales team the shortcut to success in roofing sales by revealing the system that got me the nickname “The Roof Ninja”.

Learn how to COMFORTABLY open the doors of people’s homes AND their ears by immediately removing sales pressure from the conversation so you can focus on adding value and building trust. Using my door-knocking process you’ll land 2X the amount of inspections you currently do.

Get my one-of-a-kind roof damage presentation formula that leads homeowners to ask YOU to close them, not the other way around. And the best part is– you don’t even have to do any of the talking (I know, sounds crazy… but you’ll see what I mean when you get the training).

Overcome objections and solidify lasting relationships with my revolutionary ‘RAM’ Objections Framework. With the ‘Be Real’ System, you’ll never be stumped on how to overcome objections at the door OR the kitchen table again.

‘BE REAL’ will teach your sales reps how to have comfortable conversations that lead to valuable relationships.

✓ Remove Sales Pressure
✓ Seamlessly Land Inspections
✓ Close Without Closing
✓ Get Hundreds of Referrals

Get started and double your sales.